Indie GoGo Page for CANNED HUNT goes live!!

The Indie GoGo page for CANNED HUNT is now active, and more than happy to accept contributions! We have a lot of really good contributor rewards and they are only going to get better as the campaign goes on! (Click the image below to contribute!)  

Cliff McMullen Joins CANNED HUNT.

Torasu Productions, LLC is proud to announce Cliff McMullen has joined the cast of CANNED HUNT. Cliff will be playing the role of Anton, raconteur and mentor to Marshall (Hayden Livesay). Cliff has been seen in films like, CHANCES ARE, THE REPLACEMENTS, and MURDER at 1600. He’s also had roles in THE WEST WING, HOMICIDE, and THE WIRE. 


Starting in early April 2013, Torasu Productions will be focusing on its second feature film, Canned Hunt. The story centers around an  up and coming boxer who feels the responsibility to avenge his fallen mentor and friend.